The Next Level of Development

Software Solutions

Upgrade your business critical systems with one of our cutting-edge applications. Enabling you to focus on your business and growth without computing constraints.

Development Services

Providing an unparalleled development standard, we can take your next big project from the ground up to the cloud, whilst delivering long-term maintainable code.

Software Solutions

The perfect companion to handle your business requirements.

Find out how our current range of supported software solutions can help you and your business achieve more efficiency, from removing your workload duplication to automating processes and much more.

Development Standards

Liberating infinite possibilities by starting anew

Our team maintain Object-Oriented Programming and the Model-View-Controller principles and have further expanded onto engineering software, constructing and defining their own standards, frameworks and distributable packages.

The most experienced of developers write clean code; architecturing the code to write less lines whilst still achieving the same outcome, ultimately materialising efficiency.

By writing clean code we reduce loading times, hardware usage, increase the application's life-span, increase long-term maintainability and introduce the least amount of bugs.

Meet our team

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.

Fabrication from a combination of competent capabilities.

Derived from decades of experience utilising the latest techniques and standards produced in each era, we take pride in delivering only premium quality products and services supported by a tested network.


By employing our developers to produce handcrafted applications in a labour intensive approach, we are able to craft visions into tailored quality products free from limitations.

Multi Layered Stack

Our team are trained and proficient in utilising assorted development tools at a deep low-level, unifying them together to produce the most capable feature-rich software.

Robust Infrastructure

We harness the elastic capabilities of cloud computing from the industry leading providers, with the ability to scale to meet consumer demands without impacting the experience.

Our Locations

We're available wherever you are

We currently have operations in the UK and US to better serve both regions.

United Kingdom Map

United Kingdom

Office 110 City House, 131 Friargate,
Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2EF
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United States

2010 El Camino Real #1274,
Santa Clara, California 95050