Social Responsibility

Last updated: 6th August 2021

Beyond the scope of our general business aims and objectives we are committed to consistently implementing our organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is one of our principles, a self-imposed pledge of contributing to all aspects of our society from philanthropic efforts to upholding morally orientated practices. We aim to resolve our CSR in all manner of ways possible and we are always continuously exploring new means of contributing to the world around us; we're open to experimentation.

We are always continuously exploring new means of contributing to the world around us.

As we proceed to conduct our daily business operations, we acknowledge that we have an impact on the people we interact with, the communities around us and ultimately the wider environment. Consequently, we are devoted to resonating a positive influence in our local areas before we are capable of expanding out as wide as we possibly can; we are ambitious in believing that we can be a responsible and ethical member in the global community, marking progressive economic, social and environmental improvements.

Evolving as a Corporate Citizenship

We do not exist purely for financial profit within our business, our greatest gain is to improve the environment around us and ultimately the world, which we are more enthusiastic and passionate regarding. We recognise ourselves as a corporate citizen, where we are focused on producing a better quality of life for everyone around us.

Citizenship is embedded into our company's culture, our employees are made aware of the impacts we're making collaboratively and how their objectives play a role to making a contribution. By making our employees aware of the direct impacts we're cultivating outside of the organisation, we are empowering our people, encouraging more positive behaviour and building better lives for our teams both in and outside of work.

As our organisation is still expanding in growth, our funds and productive resources are relatively limited, however we are still avid in partaking in our social responsibilities by donating to local charities, events and providing volunteering efforts where we feasibly can. To keep up-to date with our latest news and endeavours, we occasionally post over at our newsroom.

CSR Objectives

Ethical Sourcing

Our Ethics and Values are at the core of our organisation and we stand by them to ultimately nurturing a better world, however they would be insignificant if we were to partner with organisations who do not share similar values. As a result, decisions are made before the purchasing phase of whether a company aligns with our values, in order to avoid funding businesses which do not, conclusively defeating the purpose of our ethical stand.

We currently work with a trusted network of partners and suppliers to provide us with the resources and infrastructure we need to be able to offer our services to clients, from insurance providers, advertising partners to cloud computing suppliers who power our web and mail servers, amongst other partners and resources we may require.

Respecting People

Additionally reflected in our ethics is our commitment to our people, our employees, partners and clients who work to keeping our business spinning; and therefore it is our utmost duty to care for and respect our people, ensuring they are treated fairly and valued at every stage. Our growth is directly tied in with our people's growth, development and happiness which is an aspect we prioritise to ensure everyone is supported and safeguarded.

We're also working towards building a more open and welcoming environment for all our people, acknowledging we're all from different backgrounds and parts of the world, therefore we do not expect everyone to have the same specific traits to be appreciated or valued. We believe it's imperative to stand behind the practice of anti-discrimination comprehensively and not purely use the phrase as a buzzword.

Supporting Communities

As an ambitious corporate citizen, we're pushing towards becoming a brand that people want to exist to better our society and therefore we're continuously working to marking a positive impact in our local communities and where possible, expanding out to becoming a member in the national and eventually global community to benefit greater amount of people.

We're engaged in supporting our local communities by donating to local charities, events and providing volunteering efforts where we can. With the latter of volunteering, we're also open to experimenting with new ideas (whether small or large) where we conduct the necessary research to accomplish the objective before embarking on the endeavour, creating new volunteering opportunities in the process.

To stay up-to date with our community involvement, we often post the latest news and updates over at our newsroom and our social media, Instagram.