We're continuously upholding our ethics and values, solidifying our moral stance.

Embedded into the core of our organisation are morals and principles which we stand by, driving and guiding our brand in a more compassionate direction. Ultimately we aim for these values to be embraced by all organisations and people across the world.

We thrive from diversity

We recognise and value that we all come together as people from all walks of life, bringing your unique history, background and story to the table. We do not judge or discriminate against people on any criterion, as we understand your background is an influential factor to who you are, where we do not all come from fortunate upbringings. You don't need to be a certain way to be promoted or appreciated at Exertion, we value everyone.

Pioneering improvements

We are courageous and brave enough to introduce the changes we wish to see in the world, starting internally with us even if no one else are doing them, yet. We're willing to go out of the expectations of the norm in order to lead the sector by example, working towards levelling the playing field and introducing catered equality for everyone.

Always learning and remaining adaptive

As humans we need to continue learning and fundamentally developing, which enables us to achieve greater heights and objectives as we progress, allowing us to make a leading impact in the world. Equally as we achieve our ambitions, we will continue to push boundaries further opening the doors for the next generation, which would otherwise not be possible if we fail to continue progressing.

Do right by people

We place people first and foremost as we are here to take care of our humanity, which is our greatest profit; we do not exist purely for financial gain and monetary concern is not what drives us. We do right by people, we listen and take your emotions and feelings into account, and not ignore them which disappointingly is the standard in the corporate world in maintaining professionalism.

Rejecting authoritarianism

We work towards empowering people, equipping them to be the best they can be. We do not follow the conventions of status, ranks and positions which impose authority and consequently dimmish the voice of others. Our responsibility is to serve our people, treating everyone equally.

Open-minded culture

Tied in with all our other values from leading the way for improvements and always continuously learning, we stay open and receptive to new ideas and are willing to understand and see opinions from everyone's perspectives. We're ready to work against our favoured notions when new solutions are proposed.