Our mission is to deliver industry leading software whilst staying committed to our people

We are focused on building the highest quality of software that fulfils your requirements in a tailored manner whilst also removing the need for any technical experience, where we are dedicated to only building software that we can passionately recommend to our peers. We’re also continuously working towards fostering less-stressful working environments for our employees whilst upholding our ethos, which we ultimately want to transpire to all people.

Our Values

Diversity is not delivered with a one-size-fits-all package

Diversity is at the core of our corporate brand and we actively advocate and thrive from the diversity in people, whereby we do not suppress or promote specific traits in individuals but appreciate that we all come together from varying walks of life; and that all traits in people are valuable in order to retain the human aspect and avoid getting caught up in the world of professionalism.

We also maintain a level of transparency to all our people, from employees to customers so that everyone is kept in the loop of changes, whereby empowering people to also have their own say in the decision making process. Additionally with our values, we are collectively striving to build and nurture a more open-minded culture in the world.

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Our Team

The best way to convey our corporate identity is to introduce our team, who are at the core of driving our brand whilst upholding our visions and values.

Arif Ullah

Chief Executive Officer

Our Founder and present CEO's journey began in the mid 2000s when they delved into web development and throughout the decade, they established multiple ventures and later expanded into software development, building specialised systems to meet vital business requirements, becoming exceptionally skilled as a software engineer in the process. As a technical founder, their role now encompasses diverse aspects of business management, overseeing all operational facets.

We've got a new look.

Find out more about our corporate re-branding to signify the shift in the direction of our ultimate objectives and to authentically reflect our values.